Safe and Reliable

Front Range Ski Bus has been in operation since December 2011, providing safe and reliable transportation to ski areas, Red Rocks and for private charters.  We are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and are subject to and comply with all federal and state transportation regulations. Our fleet is serviced at regular manufacturer intervals, and buses are maintained to be in safe operating condition. Buses not meeting safety standards are placed out of service immediately and repaired in a timely manner.

Front Range Ski Bus operates buses insured up to $5 million under TIB Insurance, exceeding minimum insurance requirements set forth by the PUC.

Our bus drivers are all qualified commercial drivers' license holders, with up to date medical exams every two years. Drivers for Front Range Ski Bus are subject to a mandatory drug screening program which is strictly enforced. All drivers have at least 2 years of CDL driving experience, and driving records are evaluated before hire and every year after. Our drivers do not exceed hours of service (HOS) limits. All drivers must pass a road test administered by FRSB, and are thoroughly trained on the routes and safe driving practices.

We pride ourselves on providing first and foremost a safe service, but second, a reliable service. Since 2011, we have cancelled trips less than five times, and each time refunds were promptly issued in full. Cancelled trips are extremely rare and due to circumstances out of our control, for which we issue refunds. If you book a seat with us, we will be running! We have run many days with less than five passengers on board and will continue to do so. However, be assured that you won't be the only one on the bus, business has been great. :)

We appreciate our passengers and take pride in providing a safe and reliable transportation service. We are dedicated to serving our guests, and we thank you for your business!