Sustainability  Sustainability

Preserving the amazing natural resources we have available just a short ride out of Denver is one of our top priorities at the Front Range Ski Bus.  This has 2 major parts to it.  First, we have to reduce our environmental impact in such a way that we can continue to enjoy an abundance of snow in the mountains.  Second, we have to be able to access said snow covered mountains.

Environmental Impact

Snow relies on cold conditions and we rely on greenhouse gas emitting transportation to get to the snow.  This is almost like shooting ourselves in the foot every time we drive to the mountains.  We need it to be cold but the pollution from our transportation has a warming effect on the environment.  Sure we might not see a direct correlation but the facts are out there.  The more greenhouse gasses we release, the more we endanger our beloved snow.

There are ways to reducing your impact while still getting your turns.  You can carpool/rideshare, use a more fuel efficient vehicle, stay at the mountains instead of commuting daily, properly inflate your tires, walk, magic carpet or teleporting genie.  I'm sure there are plenty of other ways to reduce your footprint but I'd like you to consider taking our bus as a solution.  Our ski bus from Denver can have a huge environmental benefit if people choose to use it.

During ski season, we run up to 60 seats to the mountains 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, as long as the resorts are open.  For the sake of my calculation I used 6 months, sometimes more, sometimes  less.  Based on a 2 person per car average we have the ability to reduce Co2 emissions each season by over 100 metric tons!  And this is with only 2 buses, think of what we could do with a fleet of 10 buses!  100 buses!  An added bonus of this, traffic is ever so slightly reduced because there's fewer car on the road!

The I-70 Parking Lot

It's horrible.  Its nerve racking on busy days, especially after a full day of skiing or snowboarding.  It's getting worse.  It makes sense; we have some of the most amazing mountains in the world, a large city and lots of winter activity enthusiasts, hard to blame anyone for the traffic when you're driving up too.  Our mountains aren't set to get any less amazing and Denver isn't set to get any smaller and I doubt less people will want to go skiing or snowboarding.  Oh and the road isn't getting any wider either (at least not in the next 5-8 years).

There are only 2 solutions to the increasing ski traffic problem, bigger roads or mass transit.  Both of these are costly and will take 5-15 years to have an impact.  Adding another lane to I-70 will temporarily relieve the traffic.  Then more people will start going as the commute becomes friendlier.  Then traffic will start to get worse again.  Then we will be right back to our current traffic problem and we'll be out several hundred million dollars.

Mass transit is the only long term solution.  It will allow for large volumes of skiers and snowboarders to get to the mountains with a minimal foot print (i.e. less traffic).  This can be accomplished through either a rail system (similar to the ski train) or a bus system.  Building a rail line will take a LONG time, a long long time but it has the capacity to be a permanent solution.  

Until then, buses are the only real solution to ski traffic.  Sounds like a self serving conclusion right?  It's not but it is part of the reason we started this company, we're tired of the commute ruining part of the experience.  Take another bus if you want, carpool or ride the Front Range Ski Bus, we're happy either way.  We'd love to see you but we'd also love to see less traffic.  Your call, see ya on the slopes.